Barefoot Kitchen – Muldersdrift

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The barefoot kitchen is the newest addition to Ngwenya Glass’s stable. We only found out about it after trying to book for the ever popular Gilroy’s brewery on fathers day. They were fully booked but suggested we try their next door neighbour. With no Zomato reviews to go on I was dubious about whether or not it would be any good but we decided to try it anyway. And I was far from disappointed. The seating area is directly adjacent to Gilroy’s which allows you to enjoy their music without being overpowered by it. It also serves Gilroy’s beer which is a plus.

Service was really great. Our waiter David was witty and entertaining and although rather busy our food came out fast and hot.

Seeing as we were a table of 12 I was really impressed that our meals all came out at the same time and correctly. Not one of us was unhappy with our meal. The food, although all simple and straight forward fare, was extremely tasty and well prepared.

Some of the highlights were the beer battered hake with chips and salad and the beef trinchado. Their chips are cut with the skins and are served with a delicious seasoning salt. They also have beer battered onion rings which are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The steak, eggs and chips was also really good. Both people who ordered it received their steak and eggs as requested.

If you’re a dessert lover order the hazelnut gateaux. I wasn’t very excited to learn that all the desserts were ice-cream based but this was divine. It was basically like a slice of cake masquerading as ice-cream. It kind of reminded me of those coconut ice-cream lolly’s we used to get from the corner cafe as a child!

Overall a fantastic experience and for a lovely afternoon lunch this place seriously deserves a visit!

overall rating 4/5

011 796 3012

Ngwenya Glass Village,

Shady Lane


West Rand


Glenda’s- Hyde Park

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I’ve heard a lot about this spot recently from friends. Glenda’s also took part in the autumn edition of restaurant week this year. Passing by on a Friday afternoon I felt I just had to stop in.
What struck me most was the street cafe vibe of the restaurant. The whole front of the restaurant is essentially open with tables dotted on the pavement. Sitting at a sunny cafe table on a winters day while reading a good book- my idea of heaven. The interior is quirky mix of modern metal and glass tables with quaint blue walls and floral murals. Waiters greet you in their sunny yellow aprons. It’s a warm and cosy atmosphere.

The first thing to greet you on arrival is the most decadent display of cakes, petit fours and eclairs. Everything looked amazing but I would definitely give the caramel sponge with pop corn topping a try. It’s like an enormous tower of salty, caramelly delight!

The menu is very small. A single page in fact. And mains are rather pricey with nothing under about R120. I feel this is a bit steep for a lunch meal so opted to go for one of their specials- creamy chicken soup. It came served with a toasted, crunchy spring onion muffin which was amazing. As for the soup it was creamy and loaded with pieces of chicken. I definitely didn’t leave hungry. And all for a bargain price of R65.

People who have been there frequently rave about glenda’s meringues and although I didn’t try any, they definitely looked flawless. I’ll be back for tea and cake in future!

Food 3.5/5

Service 3/5

Ambiance 4/5
Hyde Square

Cnr Jan Smuts and North Road

Hyde Park

087 550 3613

Woolworths Cafe – Eastgate 

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I’ve been to a few Woolworths cafes over the years and have never been super impressed by their menu. However last weekend we went for breakfast there and I absolutely loved it! Their menu appears to have been revamped and is now packed full of healthy yet tasty options.

Service was not great especially considering the number of staff that they have. They tend to all stand around and be looking in the wrong direction. But their food and coffee more than make up for it. I ordered the newly added hotcakes and my husband had the proper breakfast which is basically like a full English breakfast. The hotcake was amazing. 1 huge hotcake comes served with fresh berries, Marscopone cream, micro herbs and an orange and ginger glaze. The presentation alone is fantastic. Everything comes in woolies signature stoneware crockery. Every dish I saw being brought out looked appetising.

Another thing I really enjoy is their harvest table where you can serve yourself a plate and it is charged by weight.  Although this generally works out quite pricey I find I don’t mind because it’s so delicious and wholesome I feel like I’m getting value for my money. It’s truly a smorgasbord of woolies best ingredients.

If you’re looking to pop in for coffee and cake you won’t be disappointed. For me, a person who doesn’t like my coffee too strong, woolies is probably my favourite place for a cafe latte. They have a great selection of pastries, cakes, scones and cruffins. Very yum!
Overall rating 3.5/5

Eastgate Shopping centre

43 Bradford Road

Bedford Gardens

011 479 6000

Jaime’s Italian – Melrose Arch

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I’m a frequent visitor to Melrose Arch and always stop for a bite to eat at Tasha’s but seeing a new restaurant I had to try it!

Jaime’s Italian is a  restaurant by famed chef Jaime Oliver, although how much input he actually has had is uncertain. I always feel slightly cheated by restaurants like this as they use a famous persons name yet there is no indication he’s ever set foot in the restaurant. It’s essentially just a chain for which he has created recipes and donated his name.

The restaurant looks impressive with seating outside on the pavement allowing to you to experience the passing buzz of Melrose Arch. Inside the seating space has been divided into an upstairs and downstairs area. There is an almost industrial feel to the decor with an open pass area that allows you to see the chef’s at work. A separate little station showcases the fresh pasta being made. All together very impressive however I found it a little dark so opted to sit outside. The seating outside was not very comfortable consisting of  metal ‘ garden furniture ‘ chairs with very deep backs and tiny cushions.

The waiters were helpful and prompt. Although not extensive, the menu consists of enough variety to please all. You will find your typical pastas and pizzas ( Which looked amazing with crispy bases and vibrant toppings) but we decided to share a few of their starter/ bar food options.

I had read in a review that the crunchy Italian nachos were a winner so decided to try those. We  also ordered crispy squid and on the recommendation of our waitress the ultimate garlic bread. I must admit, I had expected more for this restaurant especially in the food department. In the kitchen one can see chef’s in their professional whites cooking up a storm. This teamed with the name JAIME OLIVER promises great things but the offering we recieved was lack lustre and overpriced. The Italian nachos ( ravioli stuffed with mozzarella, veggie parmesan and ricotta, deep fried and served with a spicy, sicilian tomato sauce) were almost devoid of filling. The garlic bread was just that. I expected something unique and different but instead got something  I could make at home or pick up at the grocery store.

Crispy Italian Nachos
Crispy squid with aioli
Buttermilk rolls with veggie parmesan, garlic butter and rosemary

No meal is complete without sweets. Seeing as it was a hot summery day I opted for a light dessert of strawberries steeped in elderflower and lime served with a sorbet and phyllo wafer. the sorbet was light and refreshing with great flavour but honestly at R65 there was no value for money.

The drinks menu is quite impressive with a selection of apertivo’s to warm up the palate, nnon-alcoholic and regular cocktails, Wine and digestifs to finish off. Some of the Apertivo’s looked amazing but with nothing less than R65 a glass and going all the way up to R115 I have it a skip.
I love the vibe of Melrose Arch but this is definitely not one of my favourite restaurants. I may come back to try the pizza but with at least half a dozen really great restaurants in the vicinity, I won’t be rushing for seconds.
Overall rating  3/ 5

Shop 00513

Building 13

High street

Melrose Arch

010 007 4646

Die Ou Pastorie- Haartebeestpoort 

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If  you’re ever looking for a lovely day away from the hustle and bustle of JHB then Die Ou Pastorie in Scheerport is highly recommended.
We went on a public holiday recently. An easy hours drive from Johannesburg makes this the ideal place to go on a weekend for lunch. 

The setting is absolutely exquisite with tables locate under the trees in a lush garden.  Weekends and public holidays see Benin singer Phillipe Abalovi crooning away in French. He is truly sensational and adds to the ambience of a French cafe.

Our waiter TK was also an absolute gem. Highly attentive with a great sense of humor and excellent recommendations.

Some of the standouts, food wise, include the chicken liver pate which is served with a rooibos jelly. Who would have ever thought that a sweet jelly would go with livers, but trust me it does. The baked camembert which comes with  nuts, cranberries and a sweet jelly is also amazing. Layers of delicious oozy goodness make a stunning starter to share.


Beef carpaccio
Baked camembert with thyme, cranberries, nuts and jelly
Die ou pastorie chicken liver pate

My favourite mains have to be the pies especially the duck and the beef and red wine pie. The duck pie is tender and buttery and both come crowned with a golden halo of crispy pastry. No sogginess here!

Duck pie
Pork belly with crispy crackling and veggies
Oxtail stew

If you have space left for dessert, give the lemon cheese cake a try. It is cheek puckeringly tart but creamy and smooth enough to make you order a second slice. 

Lemon cheesecake
Chocolate peanut butter pie
Assiette of chocolate- white chocolate creme Brule, lindt chocolate mousse and coffee, chocolate and almond Mozart cake

With no bad meals, excellent service and a fantastic setting tthe restaurant is a stand out and will definitely see me again !
Overall rating 4/ 5
556 R560 Scheerport,Haartebeestpoort 

012 207 1027

Oakes Brew House – Modderfontein

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I love the quaint, old-world suburb of Modderfontein. Located within spitting distance of my home in Edenvale, it gives you the sense of being in a cutesy, little village. And nestled amidst the tall pine trees lies a fantastic place called Oakes Brew House. Oakes is famous for its own brand of craft beer and coffee brewed by an all female team!
You can choose to sit either inside the house, on the patio or under the towering pine trees of the garden. The peace and tranquility of the area gives you the sense of being out in the sticks.

Obviously the specialities are their  craft beer and coffee. Four varieties of beer are brewed by an all female team!I had a cafe latte which was delicious. Hot, strong and steamy like many a good thing in life. 
Their menu is not very extensive. Think typical cafe style food. tramezzinis, toasted sandwiches, pancakes, quiches and cakes. We ordered the spinach and feta quiche. Although not a quiche in the true sense of the word as there was hardly any egg in it, it was absolutely moreish. Generous amounts of spinach and feta are just held together with egg and domed in crispy, tangy cheddar cheese. The portion was a little skimpy for my taste but I guess next time I’ll just order two!

I’ve been told the carrot cake is lovely and certainly presents well, in individual portions.  I opted to try the chocolate cake which I found a bit heavy on the salt but over all not unpleasant.

I can just imagine bringing my book here and spending the afternoon under the trees relaxing and forgetting that I live in a bustling city. A definite must try!

Overall rating 3.5/5

Corner main and high street 



Da Graziella – Edenvale

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I love Italian food. And nothing excites me more than the prospect of Italian food cooked the traditional way. This is what you get when you go to Da Graziella’s in Dowerglen.

The restaurant is located street side beneath a block of flats and immediately on parking your car you are greeted by warm yellow light, the sound of dozens of voices and the delicious scents of freshly made pizza. The decor is dated and filled with the requisite scenes of Italy but I find it adds to the authenticity of this Italian eatery.


Service was a bit slow. It seemed that the waiters weren’t designated a specific area to work so their tables were far apart with the result that they weren’t always around when you looked for them.

The wine list is nothing special and take my word for it, do not drink the wine by the glass! However their sangria is lovely and packed with sweet alcohol soaked fruit.

My husband and I decided to immerse ourselves in the spirit of the restaurant so we tried a few of their typically traditional Italian dishes.

For starters we had the arancini which is a ball of rice with mince meat, mozzarella  and peas which is then deep fried. The presentation was not fantastic. It seems that a few lettuce leaves and tomato slices serve as the plate decorations for most dishes. The arancini itself was tasty however was not made in the traditional fashion with arborio rice but rather with regular rice. After expecting a classic dish of sticky cheesy arborio rice I was left a bit disappointed.

For mains I ordered a regina pizza and my hubby ordered a special calzone. The calzone comes with a smorgasbord of fillings which to me sounds off-putting but is right up my husbands alley. Ham, pineapple and mushrooms sit side by side with ricotta, artichokes and bacon. Despite all the fillings the calzone did lack flavour and my husband had to salt it quite vigorously.


Dessert was another opportunity to try some Italian classics. We decided to share a tiramisu and a Sicilian Cannolo. The tiramisu was tasty but I always find that the bottom layer of this dessert becomes soggy and un-appetising. I suppose if you like tiramisu generally, then this is not a bad offering.


The Sicilian Cannolo is a rare find in Johannesburg. I’ve seen them on Cake Boss and was dying to try one. It is traditionally a pastry tube filled with a creamy ricotta cheese filling and pistachios, fruit or chocolate. The offering at Da Graziella fell a bit short of the expectation for me. There was a good amount of candied fruit and pistachios which sweetened the otherwise bland ricotta. The pastry shell was lovely and crispy and not overly oily. But for me the biggest diappointment was the cream itself which was dense and bland and not light and creamy as expected. The whole thing was also drowned in icing sugar to compensate for the lack of sweetness within the filling but this hid the beauty of a cannolo dotted with pistachios and fruit at the open ends.

The one point that cannot be taken from Da Graziella is that they do offer a number of Italian dishes which you would be hard pressed to find at any other restaurant.The execution of these dishes however does not always live up to my hopes for them. I have been here a few times and enjoy the ambience and the authenticity of the food but I can’t say that anything was truly out of this world. A solid back-stop for a cozy evening out in the Edenvale area.

overall rating 3/5

011 454 6202

74 Dunvegan Ave