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It seems that within the space of a few months this franchise has sprung up with billboards everywhere and word of mouth spreading like wildfire. I’ve always felt that Johannesburg has a serious lack of good burger joints, so I grabbed the opportunity to eat at my local Rocomama’s.

The rocomama’s in Stoneridge is a fairly small but vibrant restaurant. The decor looks really funky and cool however this does not translate into a comfortable meal. The tables are lined with hard, backless wooden benches. I always find this counter-productive in a restaurant because I really don’t want to stay and draw out my meal as I’m so uncomfortable.

The restaurant was also extremely noisy. We had to shout to make ourselves heard despite being at a small table.
Our waiter was friendly and funny, always up to crack a joke, and our orders were brought promptly and correctly.
The drinks menu consists mostly of soft drinks, milkshakes and beers with a good selection  of craft beers available. Your wine choices are simply red or white!
Each person is handed a slip of paper on which they can place their order. Food options consist of burgers, ribs and wings. You can either choose a standard burger or you can add toppings of your choice. You can also choose to downsize your nurger or double up. Prices on the burgers are very reasonable with a good variety of extras available. Shoe string fries are sold separately and the portions are rather large. I ordered a small and that was more than enough for me. The burgers were honestly underwhelming. I ordered the bacon, cheese and guacamole burger.  I felt they lacked on flavour and after all the hype, I’ve eaten better burgers else where. The smoked mayo however is very yum.

The fries are amazing however. Crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside covered in seasoning salt.

Desserts are what they call space cakes. Basically a little cake cut open with some sort of cream or sauce ‘flowing’ out the middle.  They look more impressive on the menu than they did on my plate but the flavour was there!

I had the Mississippi mud pie which came with cream and maltezers.  A deep chocolate base topped with a chocolate mousse was wonderfully broken by the cream. Another person at our table had the cheese cake and said it was very tasty however the condensed milk sauce didn’t really add much to it.

Overall a pleasant meal however due to the uncomfortable seating and loud noise I won’t be rushing back for another dinner!
Overall rating 3.5/5

010 007 3016
Stoneridge shopping centre,

1 Stoneridge Drive




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Friday night saw us at Piatto in Stoneridge. We chose Piatto because of their varied menu. It is purported to cater to all tastes, whether you feel like a pasta or a steak, so seemed like a good option for our small group of family.
The decor is stylish and modern but this restaurant is huge! There were quite a few patrons but it still looked half empty. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like to be bumping into the table next door, but when you’re the only people in a section of a restaurant it tends to lack ambiance.

Service here was very average. Although there were more than enough waitrons, they always seemed to be looking in the  opposite direction when you needed them.

We ordered starters of chicken livers and haloumi. The livers were absolutely the best part of the meal. The sauce was delicious with a lemony tang and just the right amount of chilli. My husband and I literally mopped up every drop of the sauce!

The portion of fried haloumi was generous and came with great sweet chilli sauce but was unfortunately quite chewy.

For mains I ordered the chicken supreme which consists of a grilled breast with an artichoke, sundried tomato, caper and mushroom sauce and served with a pesto mash. Unfortunately the chicken and sauce came served on top of an enormous pile of lumpy mash which had no flavour of pesto. I would have far preferred if the mash was on the side. Now I had to wade through a giant portion of mash because all my delicious sauce was mixed in with it.

My husbands sirloin peppadew looked amazing on the menu. A sirloin steak stuffed with mozzarella, feta and peppadew with a side of chips. The chips tasted like the  frozen supermarket variety and there was hardly any stuffing in the fillet. We realised that the reason the stuffing was so bland is that the feta used in there food is completely flavourless!
Others at our table ordered pizzas ( generally hot and cheesy) and the spinach and ricotta nest pasta which was crying out for more napoletana sauce.

At over R200 a head, considering we shared two starters and each had a main, I found Piatto to be overpriced and not particularly worthwhile.

Overall rating 3.5/5

Shop No.462, Stoneridge Centre, Johannesburg, 1609
011 452 6547